About Bread Angels

Bread Angel, Lynne, in Belfast with two students

Bread Angel, Lynne, in Belfast with two students click to enlarge

Newly fledged angels

Newly fledged angels click to enlarge

More newly fledged angels!

More newly fledged angels! click to enlarge

Bread Angels change the world by baking excellent quality bread

At Virtuous Bread we see a network of people up and down the land running their very own home baking businesses.  We call these people Bread Angels and believe there will come a time when every community has a Bread Angel! If you would like to know how to start a bakery, look no further.

There are lots of reasons to become a Bread Angel

 1.  Bread Angels work from home when and how they like. They make good bread available in their local communities in a variety of ways that work for them including baking for family and friends, baking and selling bread to individuals, shops, schools, churches, markets, etc., volunteering, and/or teaching. Many people who take the course set up an active micro bakery, but you do not have to sell bread or teach bread courses to be a Bread Angel.

 2.  Bread Angels build relationships in their local communities by getting to know the people and businesses close to them.

 3.  Bread Angels provide access to good bread locally where they may not be good bread available today.

4.  Bread Angels are part of a large and growing community of supportive, like minded souls.  They don't think it is weird or dull to have long conversations about bread ovens, mixers, or sourdough and they all take pictures of bread and think that visiting a flour mill is a great day out.

Bread Angels also train others to bake good bread

Once you have become a Bread Angel and have spent a few months building up your business, you may want to become a Bread Angel trainer - teaching baking and teaching others how to become Bread Angels.  We love it when that happens because it means there will be even more Bread Angels out there earning dough by making bread (sorry, it had to be said at least once on this site!).

To become a trainer you need to come back and spend some time with seasoned trainers to observe them teach, build your confidence and become totally fluent in the language of bread.

Being a Bread Angel is about being part of a community of people who have the shared aim to change the world through bread.