I run Breaditation workshops. They use bread making as a de-stressing exercise. Sessions are laid back and fun. You won't be expected to bare your soul to anyone, but you will go home feeling a little lighter, I hope. You'll also leave with a yummy loaf of organic bread and recipe cards. I usually work with small groups of 4 to 8 people. The charge is £40 per person. If you prefer a one to one the charge is £75. I'm based in East London.

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  • Breaditation session

    A de-stressing workshop that combines basic organic bread making & mindfulness. 

    Here's a fun way to get stuff off your chest without actually having to talk about it.  Knead your cares away & take home a yummy loaf of bread & recipe cards. Give it a try.

    This session is at The Red House, 13 Upton Ave, London E7 9PJ. I'm happy to answer any questions you may have about Breaditation, so do contact Alison on 07961 674210 or at iluvworkshopal@gmail.com

    Facebook: Breaditation    Twitter: @BreaditationLdn

    Breaditation - When you knead to de-stress x

    Price: £ 25.00 per person

    • Sun 26th Nov 2017 11:00-13:00
      8 Places left

Breaditation session

Sunday 26th Nov 2017 11:00-13:00


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