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Sara has been baking bread for her family and friends from her urban smallholding, Hen Corner, for many years.
Since training as a Bread Angel in 2015, she has opened a Micro Bakery selling fresh bread to the local community each Friday and looks forward to passing on her skills through a series of courses including the business start up course - 'Become a Bread Angel - Start your own Micro Bakery'
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Virtual class: Baking sourdough bread

 We are pleased to bring you this online Sourdough bread making course.

*Please note that this is an advanced baking course aimed at those already experienced in baking bread by hand*

  • Ingredients & equipment info will be sent ahead by email with the Zoom link
  • Grab yourself a coffee as Sara Ward introduces you to Hen Corner
  • Recipes, recording of Zoom and opportunity for support by email will be provided after the session
Session Content:
  • Introduction to Sourdough bread
  • Understanding the key ingredients
  • Demonstration of the key stages in making Sourdough bread:
-Working the dough
-Shaping the dough
-Baking the dough
  • Making our classic sourdough dough together**
  • Follow up tasks for a fabulous loaf

**Please note that as making Sourdough bread is a 24 hour process, we will be demonstrating the stages and supporting you to create a loaf that you can bake the following day.
***To participate in this course fully, please start to make a Sourdough Ferment, using these instructions, the week before the session. 

Price : £35.00 / per person

Mon 01 Nov 2021 - 17:00/19:00

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