Catherine Sloman

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It took me a while to get here (via a career in law and media regulation, but enough about that) - now I’m doing what I really love: baking and teaching others how to bake their own amazing bread. I teach bakery at a well known London bakery school and also give private Kitchen Confidence classes, offering a range of cookery skills, for anyone who wants to build up their confidence in the kitchen including wowing their friends and family with their home baked breads. I’ve won lots of prizes at a local cookery competition for my bread and cakes. I've just published my own cookbook, Kitchen Confidence. Inspired by my daughter, who wanted a cookbook as she headed off to university, I've branched out from just baking to write a book for beginners or people who have perhaps fallen out of love with their kitchen.

Everything changed for me when I treated myself to a week at the wonderful Bertinet Cookery School in Bath about 12 years ago. I was so happy baking loaves of all shapes and sizes under the watchful and encouraging eye of Richard Bertinet. I learnt loads, just in that one week, and I realised that I’m meant to be in the kitchen. And so here I am now, spending my working days teaching and most of my spare time experimenting in my own kitchen - friends and family expect the smell of bread when they walk through my door and a bag of baked treats when I turn up at theirs! 

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