Alexandra Sumner

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I haven’t always been a baker.  In fact my journey with bread didn’t begin until 2004.
My children were all grown up and feeling a bit light headed with the lack of responsibility  I did something reckless and irresponsible.  I bought a neglected farmhouse in SW France and spent 10 years renovating and restoring, running a B&B business and cooking for families on holiday.  Living in France, shopping at small town markets and eating wonderful, locally produced food, really made me think about the value of good ingredients and eating well. 
I came home in 2014 and while listening to Radio 4 one Sunday morning I had one of those light bulb moments.  The Food Programme that particular day was all about baking really good bread and Jane Mason’s story about how she set up Virtuous Bread spoke to me in a way I hadn’t expected. Within a couple of weeks I had booked an introductory course with one of her Bread Angels and was hooked. Several months and many more courses later I persuaded my neighbours to try my breads and the rest, as they say, is history. was off to a flying start. 

Bread: it's the "staff of life" and an essential part of most people's daily diet. The better the ingredients, the better the loaf so my breads are made from organic flours supplied by Shipton Mills in Tetbury. The grain, ground at Shipton, produces stone-milled flours with a well deserved reputation among artisan bakers across the country.
I offer a small range of home made breads baked every week in my kitchen.  Tasty White as well as Wholegrain Sourdoughs, Multi-Seeded Wholemeal, 100% Rye Sourdough (lower in gluten than other breads but full of flavour), Soda Bread, staple of the Irish breakfast table, and not forgetting my own "Not Quite White".  And every week there's a "Special", something a bit different.  It could be Fig & Black Pepper or Walnut Bread, Feta, Chilli & Parsley Sourdough, Apple, Cinnamon & Sultana, etc., etc.

I also teach: an Introduction to Bread Making and a Sourdough Bread course, both in my not very big kitchen at home in Teddington.  

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