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Alex Vaughan - Wakefield

Having been a keen baker for my whole life, it wasn’t until I dived into the world of bread making that I found my passion and my life path.

The first time I tried to make a cake I must have been around 4 years old. A neighbour had been left to look after me but needed to nip out for a short while. Finding myself alone for some 10 min, I dragged a stool to the cooker and placed a plastic box (!) over the electric plate, filled it with some flour, sugar and eggs. I was going to bake my mother a cake. Thankfully the neighbour came down just as the plastic box was starting to melt…

Over the next few years, I must have started paying more attention to what people were doing around me, or had my baking endeavours supervised, as there were no more plastic boxs’ casualties. The following 20 odd years I kept baking biscuits, cakes, quiche – basically anything that took my fancy. One of the greatest pleasures in baking for me resides in experimenting and trying new things but it wasn’t until I moved to the UK that I first attempted to make my own bread.

Hailing from Portugal I always took fresh bread for granted – there will always be a bakery just around the corner and you buy bread whenever you want it. When I moved to London in 2006 I was surprised to find factory mass-produced bread as the staple and I was never able to get my head (or stomach) around the texture and flavour of this product. It wasn’t long before I started making my own. I even got a bread making machine involved in the action at some point, but I found the whole thing boring in regards to process and result. I read a lot about bread, flour and yeast. And I kept trying out recipes.

In 2014 I did a Basic Bread course with the Bread Angels; we covered the basics of bread making and this course was vital to boost my confidence. Since then I have not stopped baking and learning. In 2016 I set up my microbakery, The Crow’s Rest Bakehouse, baking once a week to orders, whilst also running workshops on how to make your own bread.

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  • How to Set up a Microbakery

    Alexandra Vaughan has been running a microbakery since Spring 2016. All bread is baked to order, on a domestic oven with doughs worked by hand. She has recently become very interested in Gluten Free options, initially out of natural curiosity, and lately due to own restrictions in what food she should have. Not having given up on gluten flours, she is happy baking with both.

    On this How to Set up a Microbakery course, however, we will only be covering regular, gluten baking and you will learn how to get your self set up, explore the different type of products that have more impact with customers and overall how to create your own sucessfull microbakery!

    The course runs for 12h over two Saturdays- 19th and 26th of January 2020.

    Each day will cover different aspects of the bureaucracy behind setting up a small food business and how to promote it and engage with potential customers (think sourcing ingredients and equipment, marketing, legal requirements and administration).

    We will also explore different types of flours, their properties, nutritional values and behaviour.

    Over 6h on each day we will have enough time to bake and talk, so be ready to go back home with a lot of products and a head full of ideas.

    "The workshop with Alex was great fun - very accessible and really well organised so that we were working on different doughs and techniques all the time (apart from lunch!) I'm amazed that we did 3 doughs and about 7 bakes, all within 4 hours.
    It's so much easier to learn things like working with dough and shaping when you can see it being demonstrated in front of you. Alex is passionate about bread and left plenty of time for us to ask questions and test out ideas for future bakes... yum!" TripAdvisor review, March 2018.

    The Breadangels course is run over two days, please note only the first date is listed below, so the Winter course is on Saturday 19th and 26th January 2019.

    After the course, you are given the opportunity to become an affiliated Bread Angels and enjoy all the benefits that this entails. The course fee already includes your first-year membership of Bread Angels.

    I am based in WF1 5AT, Agbrigg, Wakefield, 3 minutes walk from Sandal & Agbrigg station. There is also plenty of parking on the road and buses close by.

    CHANGE/CANCELLATION POLICY: If you want to change or cancel a full two weeks before your course you can do so with an administrative fee of £15. After this date, no refund can be made, however we are happy to accept someone in your place at any point.

    Price: £ 440.00 per person

    • Sun 19th Jan 2020 10:00-16:00
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