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A baking course at Virtuous Bread is a great gift.

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Grisini from the 1/2 day Italian bread course

It's perfect for people who are "hard to buy for".

A beautiful whole meal loaf from the 1/2 day basic bread course

Scientists have proven that experiences make people happier than things!

100% rye sourdough from the full day sourdough course

A baking course is great for people who would like to try something new or develop their existing skills.

Watercress and cheddar bull's eye from the 1/2 day dinner party collection

You can arrange to have the voucher automatically e mailed to the lucky recipient on any date in the future so it gets there at the perfect time.  Or, you can e mail it to yourself so you can print it out and pop it in a gift envelope.

A white loaf from the 1/2 day basic bread course

Giving someone a bread course is the gift that just keeps on giving.

Cinnamon buns from the Christmas morning bread class

Cinnamon buns from the 1/2 day Celebration bread course

Half day classes are 75 or 80 pounds, depending on the trainer and the location. The sourdough class is a full day and costs 125 or 140 pounds depending on the trainer and the location.  Have a look here for a list of classes and prices to help you make your gift voucher choice.

If you would like to book out an entire class for a party, some family fun, a team building event at work or any other group event, just contact us to discuss it.

If you would like a gift certificate for any other amount, simply contact us.

If you would like to book a class that is more than or less than the amount of your voucher - wait for it - just contact us!  And we are happy to help you get on the class you would like to do.

Gift vouchers are good for 12 months from the date they are sent out.  After that they expire and cannot be exchanged for refunds or classes.