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Cut Side Buns from Sweden

These wonderful buns are the perfect shape for sandwiches.  They stay flat in the oven which does not sound like a selling point but trust me, it is!  This recipe originally appeared in my book The Book of Buns which, as you would expect, is entirely dedicated to bun recipes!  This recipe is more about technique than ingredients so if you have a favourite bread recipe, you can most likely use it here.  Having said that, you may want to follow this one at least once, to know what you are aiming for.

Makes 8 buns

For the dough:
250 g strong bread flour (white or whole meal, wheat or spelt)
50 g rye (dark or light)
1.5 g instant yeast OR 3 g dry yeast OR 6 g fresh yeast
220 g water
6 g salt

The seeds of your choice

Olive Oil


Measure the water into a big bowl and add the yeast.  Let it sit there for 10 minutes until it has fully dissolved.  Add in the flour and the salt and mix the ingredients together.  Pull the dough out of the bowl and knead it well for 10 minutes.

Pop it back in the bowl, cover it and let it rest for 60-90 minutes until it has doubled in size.

Pour the seeds onto a plate and have a baking tray, linked with non stick baking parchment, ready.

Scrape the dough out onto an unfloured surface and shape it into a tight log about 25 cm long (8 inches).  Slice the log into slices about 2.5 cm thick (or guess at 8 slices the same width) and, as you cut them, dip the "cut side" into the seeds and place it, seed side up, on the baking tray.  You may need to reshape the slices into rounds, depending on how much your log of dough squashes as you cut the slices.  Once all the slices are dipped in seeds and placed on the tray, cover them with a tea towel and let them rest for 45 minutes.

Pre heat the oven to 220 C/ 425 F.  Pop the buns in the oven for 20 minutes and then remove them and let them cool on a wire rack.  Brush them with olive oil while they are still hot.

Eat.  Yum.

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