Bread Angels in the press

Elisabeth Mahoney talks bread with Jamie Owen on BBC Radio Wales

BBC Radio Wales Sunday with Jamie Owen

Sadly you cannot listen to this terrific show in which Elisabeth Mahoney, Bread Angel and founder of the One Mile Bakery in Cardiff talks baking v journalism with Jamie Owen on BBC Radio Wales - and demonstrates her skills at maths!

Bread Angel creates employment opportunities in SE London

Bread Angels earn a crust

Recently, Bread Angel Lisa Wilson, founder of Eventful Bread began teaching baking in London, SE1.  Read about it on their community website!  If you would like to do what you love, build your community and earn a living, become a bread angel.  Click here to learn all about it.

The Real Bread Campaign talks to Lucie Steele

Article from the Real Bread Campaign

Lucie Steele talks to the Real Bread Campaign about baking in a re-conditioned sea container! To learn more about the Lucie you can also read about her on Virtuous Bread's website.

Jane Mason talks about the inspiring Bread Angels in an interview with Red Magazine

Jane Mason talks to Red Magazine

Jane Mason talks to Red Magazine after having won a Red Hot Women award in 2011 in the Breakthrough category.  Jane visited Number 10 Downing Street and delivered bread to Samantha Cameron.  Here she talks about how the award changed her life and her business and shares ideas on who inspires her and why.

Jane Mason talks style and fashion tips with Red Magazine

Jane Mason shares style tips with Red Magazine

Jane Mason, founder of Virtuous Bread and Bread Angels, won a Breakthrough award from Red Magazine in 2011, visiting Number 10 Downing Street in the process.  Here she talks style tips and shares what you will always find in her shopping basket and hand bag!  Inspiration for the busy woman from Red Magazine and Jane Mason.

Lucie Steel bakes bread for Berkshire

Lucie in the Reading Chronical

Jane Mason teaches you how to bake bread in Country File

Article screenshot

Learn how to bake bread with Jane Mason.  Article in Country File, April 2012

Jane Mason discusses leaving a career in finance

EasyLiving logo

Jane Mason discusses leaving a career in finance to set up a social enterprise with Easy Living magazine.  April 2012.

Jane Mason discusses establishing Virtuous Bread

Good Housekeeping

Jane Mason is interviewed by Good Housekeeping Magazine about setting up Virtuous Bread.  March 2012.

Jane Mason wins the Food Breakthrough Award

Red Hot Woman

Jane Mason becomes a Red Hot Woman, winning the Food Breakthrough Award in the Red Magazine's Red Hot Women Awards, 2011.  Red Magazine, January 2012 editiion, p 70.

Rosie Clark talks beer and bread

Rosie Clark talks bread and beer in Great Food Magazine

Rosie Clark talks beer and bread with Great Food Magazine, p. 43

Jane Mason talks bread

Suzanna and Jane share a laugh over the bread

Click here to read the interview between Suzanna Hunter from EP Magazine and Virtuous Bread.  Suzanna Hunter, EP Magazine, pp 48-49

Filam Smallridge discusses her bakery

The small bread company

"A Better Bit of Bread" article in Best Local Living about Bread Angel Filam Smallridge's home baking business, The Small Bread Company

Jane Mason discusses a career change

London evening standard

"Jane Mason is earning her bread...and butter", Nick Curtis, London Evening Standard, 12 May, 2011

Jane Mason and Rosie Clark talk about the power of bread

Living Magazine

"Virtuous Bread, Breaking Bread Together," Sarah Lyon, North Norfolk Living Magazine, Early Summer 2011

Jane Mason discusses the Bread Angels

All you knead is love

"All you knead is love!", Lydia Slater, You Magazine, 1 May 2011, pp 37-38.

Jane Mason discusses the benefits of hand made bread

Use your loaf

"Use your loaf (tin) if you want to eat home-baked healthy food", Denise M. Semple, Fulham & Hammersmith Chronicle, 22 April 2011

Jane Mason talks about good bread

Eco Hero

"Eco Hero - The Bread Evangelist", Jini Reddy, Telegraph Magazine, 26 March 2011, p 87.

Jane Mason and Rosie Clark discuss the Chorleywood process

Chorleywood bread

Interview with Olena Gnes for a news report about the Chorleywood bread process for Inter TV - The main Ukrainian news station

Jane Mason discusses her career change

From banker to baker

Interview about making the switch from banker to baker in Manager Magazine, the top management publication in Slovenia

Daily Mail talks bread with Lydia Slater

Resurgence Magazine

Result of the BBC/TCMG bake off from Fergus' perspective: on BBC Countryfile on line

"Baking Bread by Hand Captures all the Virtues of Pure Craft", Jane Mason, Resurgence Magazine, October/November 2010.

"Use Your Loaf", Lydia Slater, Daily Mail, 26 January 2010

Jane Mason explains the power of real bread

Why You Should Have Your Daily Bread

"Why You Should Have Your Daily Bread", Peta Bee, Times, 25 January 2010.

"Change Your Life, Live More Sustainably.  Make do and mend",  Countryfile Magazine, February 2011, p 68

"Happiness is a Warm Loaf", Jini Reddy,  Independent, 27 January 2011.