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Sue Goldsmith

Sue Goldsmith runs SuzyShack, a micro bakery in the delightful town of Wivenhoe Essex. Wivenhoe has a fast train service to London and beyond and is ideally situated to teach people from all directions.  Sue sells her bread locally to the community, every week she bakes a variety of breads with a special bread each week.  Breads range from white sandwich loaves to sourdough rye with pink peppercorns and cranberry to white sourdough which sells out every week

Customers collect from two ‘bread bins’ outside her house on a Friday and Saturday having pre-ordered via a list Sue sends out on a Monday evening to those who have asked to be on the ‘bread list’.  The bake has grown from 6 loaves in February to over 40 a week to date.

Sue is an enthusiastic bread maker who is very keen to engage others to have a go at bread making.  Having found that bread making is both therapeutic and healthy she is now keen to pass these skills learnt.  She has invested much time in learning from the best Bread Angels who have inspired her to pass the knowledge on.

Sue has an ideal location in her own home to teach small classes of up to 5-6 which means you get individual attention and lots of aftercare help if needed. She will provide all the guidance needed to produce splendid bread in the comfort of your own home. A lovely lunch is included.

You will go home with lots of great breads to show off to your family and friends and will want to start baking as soon as you can

Sue has a website www. for more information

No classes at the moment please try another Bread Angels.