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Red onion marmalade plait - a huge favourite

Red onion marmalade plait - a huge favourite click to enlarge

A selection of gorgeous baguettes

A selection of gorgeous baguettes click to enlarge

In the bakery

In the bakery click to enlarge

Wonderful focaccia

Wonderful focaccia click to enlarge

Jonathon Hammond, Pepper Street Breads, Bere Alston, near Yelverton, Devon

Jonathan and his wife, Charlotte, have the post office and shop in their village and are currently planning a significant investment which will double their retail space.

They write to tell us:  

"Our plans are to sell a wide range of locally produced products including (we hope) a range of healthy food stuffs from an independent local wholefood shop in Tavistock who currently stock our small range of Jonathon's cracker breads.

I also supply bread to the Tamar Valley Food Hub, a local organisation championing local producers with collection and drop off points all around the Tamar Valley and into Plymouth.  In addition, I supply to a couple of cafes and, during the summer when the wedding season takes off, I supply to a Cornish caterer (Food Dreckly).  

I have taken over a small room at the back of our house which now houses my 3 metre beech bench, three spiral mixers, Rofco and Lincat ovens and other paraphernalia!  Next on the list is a manual dough sheeter because making significant numbers of croissant by hand is too time consuming.

Charlotte is working very hard running the post office/store, the local Scout Group and being treasurer for a local charity, Isaac is doing well in his first year of 'A' levels studying Law, Business Studies and History, Andy (my father) is getting more hearing and sight impaired by the week, but he is still out and about on buses and trains (I keep expecting to get a call from the police asking if I've lost an 82 year old American). I bake the bread, help Charlotte when I can at the shop, do most of the cooking at home, support my Father and doze when no one is looking."