Take a course and buy good bread from a Bread Angel

Bread Angels change the world by baking excellent quality bread

Bread Angels is a network of people up and down the land running their very own bakeries and teaching people how to make bread and how to set up their very own bakeries. If you would like to own and run your own bakery, you should join us. In the ten years since we were founded, we are now the largest network of micro bakers in the world.

You can fulfill your dreams by running your own bakery and building your local community through good bread

1.  When you run your own business, you work when and how you like. Bread Angels make good bread available in their local communities in a variety of ways that work for them, initially by baking and selling bread.  

 2.  Bread Angels provide access to good bread locally where they may not be good bread available today.  This makes us feel good because we are doing good in the world.

3. Bread Angels build relationships in their local communities by getting to know the people and businesses close to them.  The best thing EVER is when someone points to you and says, “That’s the bread lady!”  or “That’s the bread man!”  You get to know your neighbours when you are a Bread Angel!

4.  All Bread Angels are part of a large and growing community of supportive, like minded bakers.  We think its riveting to have long conversations about bread ovens, mixers, or sourdough.  We all take pictures of bread, and think that visiting a flour mill or a farm is a great day out.  We get together to learn about bread, talk about bread, and eat bread.  Yes!  We are bread bores.  You are never lonely when you are a Bread Angel because you build your network even when you are self employed.

5.  Running a micro bakery from your own home is a great way to get started.  From there you can grow if you want to.  Some Bread Angels have moved from their homes to high street shops, other have continued to bake from their micro bakeries at home, sometimes making small upgrades to their kitchen and/or equipment.  Others have successfully crowd funded to purchase more professional baking gear.  Many have enjoyed such success that they are able to run their own business, at home, full time.

Work with bread

Many Bread Angels teach other how to bake, and how to set up micro bakeries.  Many also do volunteer work, using bread as a catalyst for positive social change.  Over the years, different Bread Angels have worked in prisons, schools, shelters for street kids, residential care facilities for the elderly or those with mental health issues.

Being a Bread Angel makes you part of a supportive community committed to diversity, tolerance, and inclusion.  We have the shared aim to change the world through bread.