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Below please find a sample of lovely comments about our classes

“The enjoyable, stimulating Micro Bakery course really hit the spot for me with comprehensive, practical information on setting up my business.  The trainer shared a great deal of useful advice and shared her experience in creating bread that will sell to different customers.  I returned home raring to go. Perhaps the best accolade I could give the trainer, is that my micro bakery, Everybread, was trading less that four months later.  This is not just a teaching programme, it is the entry into a supportive network of fellow micro bakers.”

– Iain Every, who now runs Everybread, baking and teaching in Manchester

The Introduction to bread making”  was perfect. It was pitched at just the right level for me. I found the explanations and demonstrations easy to follow.  I couldn’t believe the levels of success we all experienced in such a s short space of time thanks to the excellent coaching.  I appreciated you could incorporate a lactose-free option for me.  The soda bread I made with oat-milk and lemon juice worked well. I ate a quarter of it with a bowl of soup!

Diane, London

“Tom here, I came on one of your Sourdough bread courses a few weeks back. I just wanted to get in touch and say how amazing the trainer was, and what an incredible day I had.  The whole set-up was amazing, from the beautiful house to the delicious lunch to the meticulously well planned out day – all along with expert but never condescending and wonderfully friendly guidance!”

Tom Chalet, London

“I have now attended two Virtuous Bread courses – one for Sourdough and then the Micro Bakery course. Both have lived up to every expectation. The trainer was warm and welcoming and made us all feel immediately at ease.  I learnt a huge amount on both courses without being maxed out by too much information. The course was a really good mix of practical, study, good fun and muscle building kneading!  I am now so inspired I hope to join the ranks of the Bread Angels and start making my own small difference to UK bread. Virtuous Bread is virtuous in every sense and this is the best way to learn more about bread and how to make it.”

Lucie Steele, who now runs Birch Bread from where she bakes and teaches in Pangbourne

“The Introduction to bread making course was a real surprise to me. From a simple curiosity bread making moved into a real interest and now I am a bread fanatic! The trainer’s enthusiasm is dangerously contagious. Her passion for bread sticks to you like the dough sticks to your hands: very difficult to get rid of! The course format is very conducive and extremely friendly. Pity it does not last longer!  The trainer is very knowledgeable and supportive and makes everything look doable and easy even for people with no manual dexterity like me. For the first time in my life I was looking forward to doing my homework and having a great time doing it. It is also the only “hobby” of mine that my family has wholeheartedly welcomed and embraced.”
Giuliano Gregorio, London