Book the micro bakery course

To become a micro baker in the Bread Angel network you need to book the micro bakery course with a current Bread Angel.  The Bread Angels in the network who are training the micro bakery course are listed below.  You can book the course with one of the trainers directly by e mailing them!

Remember, the course helps you realise your dream about owning your own microbakery with no prior professional experience.  Different trainers will offer different courses for example, a focus on gluten free baking or sourdough baking or the brass tacks of setting up a business. To that, have a sleuth round, talk to them, and make your choice depending on what you need and who you think is a great fit for you.

There are two main benefits of doing the microbakery course with a Bread Angel trainer. 

One: All of the Bread Angel trainers have done the course themselves, and have actually built up successful businesses themselves.  They know exactly what you are facing and can give you tons of really practical skills and advice.

Two:  Once you have completed the course, you can join the network.  It is a “self run” network by the Bread Angels themselves.  There is a private Facebook group which is supportive and from which you can get a wealth of advice and information.  There are also some discounts that people in the network get.  These include discounts for flour, equipment, and ongoing training.  All of the information is in the private facebook group which you will be able to access once you complete your course with a current trainer in the network.

The world needs more bakers.  These could be you, so book the microbakery course today and launch your new career as a business owner, baker, and community builder.

Bread Angels teaching the micro bakery course:

*Alexandra Vaughan The Crow’s Rest Bakehouse (Wakefield)

*Sara Ward Hen Corner (London)

*Liz Wilson Ma Baker (North Wales)

*Keith Kirby Lekito (Wavendon, Buckinghamshire.)

*Rhiannon Abbott The Epsom Bakehouse (course taught online)