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Our Partners

We are delighted to have partners in our aim to change the world through bread  

Here is a sample of some of our generous partners - whose products we love and whose generosity we appreciate enormously. 

Wessex Mill.  Based in Wantage, Oxfordshire, The Munsey Family have been milling local wheat for over 100 years.

Stoate's at Cann Mills.  Based in Shaftesbury, Michael Stoate stone mills wonderful flour, both organic and non organic.  He buys as much grain as possible from local farms.

Gilchester's.  Based in Northumberland, Gilchesters uses stone mills to mill organic heritage grains, most of which are grown on the farm.  

Marriage's.  Base in East Anglia, Marriages produces a variety of organic and non organic grains, some of which are milled using horizontal French burr stones.

Shipton Mill.  Based in the Cotswolds, Shipton Mill produces a broad range of organic flour milled from a large variety of grains.

Paul Merry at Panary.  Paul Merry has worked in the world of bread for many years and teaches baking courses in his kitchen just outside of Shaftesbury, Dorset.

The School of Artisan Food.  SAF has been running for over a decade teaching a range of short and long courses in most aspects of artisan food production, including baking.

Bread Matters. Andrew Whitley is undoubtably the leader in the Real Bread world in the UK.  

Becketts.  Becketts is one of the UK's leading providers of all sorts of fantastic baking equipment (the big stuff like ovens, not the small stuff like tins).  

Munchy Seeds. Roasters, blenders, and enhancers in a delicious way of healthy seeds, Munchy 

Marriage's Marriage's

Gilchester's Gilchester's

Paul Merry at Panary Paul Merry at Panary

School of Artisan Food School of Artisan Food

Wessex Mill - wonderful flour from Oxfordshire Wessex Mill - wonderful flour from Oxfordshire

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